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      Woodbridge Door Contractor

      Use our trusted Door Repair service for your Home/Business

      Woodbridge Door Contractor is a professional door replacement and installation company specializing in commercial and residential exterior, entry, and all doors. A family-owned, and operated, local company established in 2000, we have grown to be one of the top door contractor companies in the city!  647-951-3510

      Who Are We

      Professional door services is our specialty at Woodbridge Door Contractor. We are available to serve anyone in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas. We have a trained and experienced team of door contractors who are able to deliver various services for all types of doors. Whatever problems you may have, you can be assured that Woodbridge Door Contractor has the best and most professional solutions for you.

      As a matter of fact, thousands of clients rely on our services to fix and secure the doors they have in their homes or at the offices. And we can do this because of our team of door specialists. Our services in Woodbridge have been around for years and we have a loyal client base in the area.

      Our Track Record

      Woodbridge Door Contractor has more than twenty-two years of experience working in this industry. Our humble beginnings can be traced back to being a start-up company with barely five members who are all door contractors with a vast number of years of experience. We started with the installation of the doors of our shops, while gradually extending our services to friends and then to friends of friends. To date, we have been constantly adding experts to our team in order to cater to all our clients across Woodbridge. We have encountered all kinds of door problems whether it’s a simple repair or a full-on replacement – our door contractors have handled these jobs in the past.

      The best part is, you get professional technicians that will be able to deliver the door services you need without breaking the bank. We are proud to have one of the most competitive prices in the market today. You can check this for yourself by getting your free quotation directly from us.

      Our Vision

      Woodbridge Door Contractor aims to be the leading name of door contractor service provider in Woodbridge, catering both residential and commercial properties. We envision to open doors of efficiency and opportunities for our clients through the quality of service we provide.

      Our Mission

      To service clients in Woodbridge with massive needs for door contractors.

      To be the leading provider of repair and maintenance services for establishments in Woodbridge for doors.

      To build an empowered team of door contractor specialists through quality training and nurturing organizational culture.

      Trusted Door Repair Contractors at The Best Price GET A FREE QUOTE

      Do you think the door in your home or business needs repair right now? The GTA based Woodbridge Door Contractor specializes in providing services for the doors you have at home or your office.

      There are many different types of doors in terms of design, materials used, and the installation requirements. Our company specializes in servicing these types of projects which is why we are confident in delivering quality service each time.

      Many doors may have problems because they’ve experienced a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. No need to look for a door contractor specialist near you because we can deliver our service anywhere in the city.

      What We Do

      Door services is the main thing our company delivers. You don’t need to worry about the coverage of our service because we can fix, or install any door of any brand or manufacturer. We get rid of your existing door problems for you.

      A common problem with doors is the material breaks or gets damaged easily. Damage can also cause the limited function of the door as well. We have got the much-needed parts to do a repair job on any door.

      We Specialize In All Door Installations, Replacements and Repairs

      • Residential Doors Woodbridge Automatic Door Opener Installation

      • Commercial Doors

      • Wood Doors

      • Fiberglass Doors

      • Steel Doors

      • Composite Doors

      • Aluminum Doors

      • Glass Doors

      • Hinged Doors

      • Pivot Doors

      • Sliding Doors

      • Entry Doors Woodbridge Storefront Door Repair

      • Patio Doors

      • Closet Doors

      • Automatic Doors

      • Fire Rated Doors

      • Safety Doors

      • Door Frames

      • Door Hardware

      • Key and Lock Systems disabled toilet door installation

      • New Door Installations

      • Door Replacements

      • Door Maintenance

      • Door Repairs

      • And many more..

      We use only the best door manufacturers, and offer unique styling, superior craftsmanship, and customer service. That means you get a wide range of replacement door types, various designs, and awesome support.

      When To Replace Your Door

      Here are the most common reasons that people of Woodbridge choose to replace their front, exterior, and any other types of doors.

      Most people in Woodbridge want a new door because they

      • Want to give their home some new life

      • Want energy efficiency

      • Want protection – strength & stability

      • Have a damaged frame or door

      • Have a door that is unsightly

      • Have a door that is hard to use

      • Have air drafts or water leaks

      • Are updating their home or business

      All of our replacement doors in Woodbridge come with style, efficiency, and protection. Some doors serve different properties better than others, so if you’re unsure it may be a good idea to call to book a consultation with one of our certified door contractors. Schedule a free estimate and we will help you decide.  647-951-3510

      For many years, we’ve provided quick, clean door services for countless satisfied customers.

      Why Choose Us?

      Free estimates

      You don’t have to worry about checking out the damage on your sliding door and working to find a repair job to quote you. We deliver our service with a price quote along with the estimates for the job given to the owner beforehand.

      Professional door contractor team

      A professional team of door contractor specialists for doors will always be on top of the repair or replacement service requested. They have the necessary skills to do proper door services. We also have a team with a long experience doing these kinds of repair jobs.

      Expert service

      Doors can come in many forms such as glass sliding doors, patio doors, pocket doors, front entry doors, and closet doors which our experts provide solutions for you. The experts we send have the tools and equipment ready to deliver high quality services. They can do quick work of the problem and we always make sure that your door functions like it’s new.

      Service warranty

      Our professionalism extends to providing our customers with a guarantee that our services are reliable. If we can’t deliver the service our customers expect, we have a free service waiting for them to finally fix the problem.

      Contact Us Today

      Gone are the days when it’s a struggle to find a legit door expert in Woodbridge. Woodbridge Door Contractor is your go-to partner for ensuring high-quality doors for your properties. Never compromise your doors , again. Get in touch with us by calling Woodbridge Door Contractor right now to book our services.  647-951-3510